Young Business Club official statement regarding the incident at the Young Entrepreneurs Forum on October 26

Young Business Club sincerely apologizes to the head of the "Azov" Patronage Service Olena Tolkachova, the "Azov" military regiment, as well as to all Ukrainian defenders and patriots for the inappropriate behavior of the coordinator of the forum of young entrepreneurs Young Business Club on October 26 in Kyiv.

We regard the actions of our former employee as unacceptable and anti-Ukrainian. We understand very well that the very existence of our state, our rights and freedoms and, in fact, the availability of conditions for conducting business and cultural events is possible today thanks to our defenders. And, based on this understanding, the Young Business Club has long and systematically supported various units of the Defense Forces of Ukraine.

We are constantly working on a corporate culture, part of which is unquestionable respect for the ZSU, and we convey this position of the club's management to every employee of the team, which has more than 70 people. We consider it our failure that this position, as it turned out, was not realized by the coordinator of the forum, as a result of which an unfortunate incident occurred.

The specified employee has been dismissed. Other employees, many of whom have military personnel in their families, also express their apologies for the actions of their former colleague, their full support and respect for Ukrainian defenders.

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